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Insurance Benefits encompass the facilities associated with buying of insurances. Insurance is mainly a instrument used by consumers for hedging the future contingent risks related with life, health and non-life general issues. Insurance benefits help the policy holder or beneficiary in combating with the losses or hazards associated with him/her.

The policy holder buys the insurance to hedge against the future perceived losses by paying a regular amount to he insurance company known as the Premium. Insurance companies ensure financial reimbursement of the insured losses to the policy holders or his/her beneficiary. This is the most coveted Insurance Benefits.

But with time, more and more insurance companies have cropped up and consequently the competition among them has increased. Every company is trying to woo all the customers into its fold and in a way offering more and more innovative Insurance Benefits to the consumers.
  • Affordability of Insurance
    The foremost insurance benefit in todays world is the low insurance rate and premium one has to pay. While choosing a insurance policy, every customer looks at this rate first and then to the other associated benefits. The lesser the insurance rate, the more affordable the insurance becomes. Thus, among all the insurance benefits, low insurance rate and premium is the most coveted one.

  • Accessibility Of Insurance
    The easy accessibility of a insurance is the next most coveted Insurance Benefits that the customers look for. The online access to insurance companies and their policies has made them more lucrative to the customers. Now-a-days, customers can search, compare and select their insurance coverage through the click of a mouse from their own residence. This has been observed that through online services, the insurance companies have been able to reach more number of customers and consequently their customer base has also mopped up significantly.

  • Some of the other Insurance Benefits are :-
    • Basic benefits of the insurance policy. That is, the person enrolling for the policy is entitled to receive the financial compensation in case of actual occurrence of the loss/hazard/damage.

    • Optional Insurance Benefits are also given by the companies to their policy holders in order to entice them to access their insurance package. These optional benefits include
      • health and dental insurance of the family, life insurance of the spouse and the child,
      • accidental death policy for the policy holder in addition to the actual insurance for which he/she has enrolled for,
      • long term and short term insurance plans against disability of the policy holder
      • unit linked insurance schemes meant for appreciation of the accumulated capital during the life span of the same, managed by an experienced and well-learned fund manager

    • Pre-tax insurance benefits
      These benefits are an added advantage to the insurance holders because they help them in saving a large portion of their tax payment. When the tax-payment gets curtailed then consequently their disposable income increases leading to more enjoyment out of a secured life.



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